Deepening our Read:
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

In order to better understand the context in which The Kite Runner is written, many facets of the text needs to be researched. Each of you will be responsible for researching a particular background piece. Your job will be to create a wikispace on your given topic. Each topic will involve groups researching on the web, via the library website, and with (oh my goodness, no!) actual, paper books. Your job will be to research the topic, make sure to AT LEAST answer the questions posed, and then tie it to the text. You will have to explain how this information is pertinent to the understanding of Hosseini's work. You may arrange the material in any way you wish. You may upload supplemental information (podcasts, video, pictures, music, etc) to bolster your peer's understanding.

Your group will be graded on the following criteria:

Wiki Progress- Individual component
  • Effort is consistent throughout the duration of the project. The student is making continual efforts to refine and contribute to the overall product. (5 pts.)
  • Entries are complete, thoughtful, well-researched, and interesting. (10 pts.)
  • Effective use of questioning and editing in order to refine content beyond individual's task assignment (10 pts)
Total- __/25 Individual
Wiki Product- Group
  • Information is organized and encompasses AT LEAST the required areas of study (8 pts)
  • Components are complex and provocative (7 pts)
  • Information is cited/referenced where appropriate (5 pts)
  • Information is presented in a grammatically-correct format, incorporating a variety of sentence structure, varied word choice, and correct punctuation (5 pts).